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Is teaching an esteemed position in society?

“Teachers do hold an esteemed position in the society”, there are many teachers who fore go lime light and dazzling careers because they believe in nurturing and working behind the scene. To make a difference in a child’s life means a lot for many teachers. A teacher facilitates and makes the student understand things that they usually would not comprehend. A teacher introduces new facts and theories into the life of a child who would in turn use them in their day to day life. It is possible for a student to grow to such heights in their career ladder due to the strong foundation that is laid by a teacher. It’s very rare that you will find a student who would not smile at a teacher whom s/he would have met after a gap of many years. A teacher due to his/her poise is looked at with awe by many students. The satisfaction that teaching provides does not even come close to scores of careers available in today’s world. The above phrase holds true and teaching also increases confidence and self esteem. It is truly looked upon as the most noble professions on the planet as it gives back to the society wonderful human begins who are well educated and responsible citizens to the nation.